On Monday the 24th May I taped an episode of Millionaire Hotseat with Eddie McGuire. I’d applied online in the New Year and was emailed to come to a second audition on Thursday the 22nd April 2010. A week after that audition I was invited onto the show as a contestant. Eddie was fantastic as were all the staff at Channel 9 in Melbourne. Taping the show was a little unnerving as the realisation hit home that this wasn’t a rehearsal and I wasn’t in the comfort of my lounge room at home. I sailed through the first four questions and passed at question 5. I got back to the Hotseat on the last question worth $50,000. I knew the answer and won the money and it was a very surreal moment. The show then aired on June 15th.

The win enabled me to pursue two passions – one was to get my existing website updated by a talented web designer (I’d created the original myself as a newbie). www.healingafterheartbreak.com came about as the result of terrible heartbreak nearly 3 years ago and on it I tell the story and provide some emotional healing tools to help others in their own quest to overcoming heartache. You can download this e-book for $8.95.

Earlier in 2010 I wrote a very raunchy romance – something I always wanted to do. It’s available initially as an e-book download at: www.indefinitesecondment.com for $12.95. I’m currently looking into publishing options (thanks to the Hotseat win) and hope to see it released as a paperback later this year.

What that win did was made me realise that if you want something strongly enough you need to go for it. Many told me that I wouldn’t make it onto the show and even if I did, wouldn’t make it to the Hotseat or would crash on a lousy question. I believed with unshakeable faith that I would be in the Hotseat and that I would win money.

It happened and now I have the ability to put my other passions into action. In October 2007 I wouldn’t have believed this was possible after so much hurt. I’m living proof that you can overcome the pain and be better than before.